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I'M SUPER EXCITED with Rory James

Apr 29, 2021

This week, Laurie panics about her wedding attire and Rory gets roped into an insane saga in Orange County. President Biden is extra high in the polls with the young people, Laurie can’t take a compliment, and Rory tells his grandmother who has seen his sides. Plus, we love a CVS and Laurie pops her leg out.


Apr 22, 2021

This week, Rory and Laurie react to the verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial and what justice for George Floyd really means. In much less important news, Laurie gets hair extensions and Rory defends 420. Plus, an attempt at a beach day gets weird, slutty halloween costumes, and Laurie is feelin herself.


Apr 15, 2021

This week, Rory shoots his shot with Colton Underwood and Laurie has a lot to say about it. Rory gets his first Moderna shot and Laurie has no regrets about her J&J one and done. Plus, Laurie’s lip blushing, Rory and Laurie describe each other’s types, and hot new spring collabos!

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Apr 8, 2021

This week, Laurie gets vaccinated and gets cocky about it while Rory survivors an earthquakeroo. Rory and Laurie argue over the real story of how he wound up taking her phone home and where the shot is supposed to go. Plus, airpods, Lil Nas X, and why Rihanna is the coolest person of our generation. 

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Apr 1, 2021

This week, Rory and Laurie discuss open relationships, early flights, and diagnose themselves with EBP (enraged by people syndrome). They also break down the important topic of seat selection on an airplane — from leg room to sleep to pee anxiety. Plus, a sexy plane story!

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